• Why should I publish on Offprint?

    Everyone is a writer. But the work you send to mainstream media could either be rejected, changed to suit their views, or relegated to the “Opinion” or “Blog” sections. You could start your own blog, but it takes years to get your work out there. We want to be the better alternative. We provide you with the tools to write great articles. If you’re article is picked up by readers and/or our curation team, we do a paid promotion on it on Facebook and Twitter to maximize audience for you.

  • What is my public URL?

    When a magazine starts publishing on Offprint, we promote all their articles on Facebook and Twitter. This is especially beneficial if you don’t have a website, or if you have one but it’s not visited that often. After building your audience base, we look to generate revenue through subscriptions and ads. Read more here.

  • Why do you have a 2000 character minimum?

    Since it’s so easy to publish on Offprint, we want to make sure that people put in time and thought to create well-written articles. It also helps to keep out spam, bots or marketers that post unwanted content.

  • What can I write about?

    It can be about anything that interests you, or whatever your area of expertise may be. There are no word limits on an article, but there is a minimum of 2000 characters to ensure that stories have depth.

  • Do you translate articles between languages?

    Not yet. Articles are written originally in each language, and occasionally, a writer may write the same article in more than one language. We believe that each article and its respective language need their own space.

  • If I publish something on Offprint, who owns it?

    You do! We don’t claim ownership of any content on Offprint, unless it has been created by us. However, by publishing on Offprint, you’re acknowledging that we have permission to use your content to do the stuff we need to do to. This includes, but is not limited to, storing, distributing, displaying and reproducing your content. You can read more in our terms.

  • If I own the content, am I also responsible for it?

    Yes. Having others read your work is a great power. You’re responsible for the content you publish on Offprint and all the associated risks are for you to bear. This is closely related to copyright, intellectual property or other legal rights to the content. By posting, you’re saying that you have those rights, and that they don’t conflict with any other rights. Others might be relying on information in your articles, so it’s also your responsibility to be accurate.

  • Will you protect my privacy?

    Yes, absolutely. We will never sell your content. We will also never sell, or release, any personal data associated with your account to third parties.

  • Can I publish my own content from elsewhere?

    Yes, if you own that content. Just make sure no other publisher or platform has exclusive rights to it.

  • I work at a magazine. How can Offprint help me?

    You can read about some of the benefits here. If you are looking to start a profile on Offprint to increase your revenue, please contact us on community@offprint.in.

  • How will you respond to infringements?

    We will remove any content that violates the law, or our community guidelines. Depending on the severity of the infringement, we reserve the right to ban users. We’re very vigilant about this, but if we’ve missed anything, let us know via community@offprint.in.