Writer's Guidelines

  • You’d be surprised at how many people leave a webpage after only reading the headline. Here’s a breakdown on how you might keep your audience engaged.

  • Grammar

    Make sure your grammar is correct. If grammar isn’t your expertise, that’s fine. Our editing team will help you make sure works. Even Hemingway had an editor (who he (usually) listened to).

  • Keep it simple

    Let the quality of your ideas and content speak for itself! Keep your message simple and easy to read, so more people can listen to what you have to say.

  • Know why you are writing

    This will help you focus your piece. Figure out whether you are arguing for something, answering a question, asking a question or telling a story.

  • It’s all about the headline

    There are clickbaity titles that turn readers away, and there are titles that don’t get them to click in the first place. Write a descriptive title that gets readers to your article and is honest enough to keep them reading.

  • Break up your article

    No one likes to read walls of text. We suggest breaking your article into small, frequent chunks. Use bullets and subheadings as much you can.

  • Include other media

    Articles with images, charts or videos have higher engagement levels, and we encourage you to experiment.

  • Link to other articles

    Keep the casual audience member in mind. Make your article as accessible as possible. Explain reference and industry terms or jargon for anyone to understand. We want people to listen to and read your message.