Sadly, in a country where most of the politicians are corrupt it is likely that even our PM has at some point taken a bribe. What makes it even sadder is that he probably wouldn’t even have been CM let alone PM if he hadn’t followed the ‘protocol’. Can you really blame him for being ambitious and focusing on his long-term goal of bringing Acche Din to India even if he did receive any kickbacks? Is his past more important or the present and future he has worked on creating?
The opposition party hold onto and put all their resources into finding scraps and dirt on their PM instead of actively helping and providing recommendations in Parliament. Documents which are proven to be weak and inconclusive in the SC are the ‘earthquake-creating’ files that Mr. Gandhi would like to provide against the PM. This is just one of many examples of the delaying and prolonging tactics of the opposition parties led by Mr. Gandhi.
Understandably, he feels the need to do something and step out of his ancestors shadows but for this he should actively pursue the interests of the country and not his own. Funnily enough, the people accusing the PM or receiving kickbacks have been named in AgustaWestland and National Herald cases and are yet to be cleared. The opposition lies to try and fool those that are uneducated and unaware in the country to gain some votes. How long will this deceit be tolerated by one of the most powerful families in India?
Blocking Parliament for a whole session is nothing short of an embarrassment for the country as a whole. We claim to be a tolerant, free country when even our MPs are not allowed to speak and perform their jobs. All because of the whim of a few sore losers. The one and only Mr. Gandhi claims to have an Oxford degree to which the university has no records of. Who would you believe, a man who asks a question only to answer it himself when he doesn’t get the desired response (watch the Bengaluru University video on Swachh Bharat) or one of the most respected and prestigious universities the world has ever seen? If a man can deceit the public regarding his education, is there anything he can’t be deceitful towards?
The Congress party led the economy to ruins through their scams and inefficacies until 2014 when the country really was the weakest amongst the BRICS (as claimed by Modi) due to the large current account deficit and falling cash reserves amongst many other issues. The economy has been revived and although demonetisation will hit growth, the scheme will address the even more important and deep-rooted problem of corruption. How can the opposition be audacious enough to ask for a roll-back of the ONLY targeted attack on corruption India has seen in recent times. Things such as the OROP which are well-deserved by our esteemed servicemen have taken decades for Congress only for the Modi government to implement them within the span of two years.
Having been to Dehradun and Haridwar recently, I failed to see any of the lines outside ATMs the Opposition has been talking about. There are about two/three people standing outside an ATM at most which is bound to happen in a country where there is 1 atm for 5000 people. It is likely that the lines in the major cities are greater but opposition parties and their accomplices make the situation and the Modi government look worse than it actually is. Also, the lines are caused by those that refuse to change and accept that digital payments are the future.
What was sad to see was that in Dehradun I wanted to pay using Paytm and the small shopowners are busy playing games or watching videos on their smartphone but are unable to provide Paytm as a method of payment. This is not because they are incapable, it is simply because they are lazy and don’t want to change. Offering someone to install Paytm on their phone fell on deaf ears and made me think that the bill they’ll make for my purchases will be a lot smaller than the actual purchase. What’s even sadder is that I couldn’t do anything even knowing this was a possibility as what I purchased was a necessity and I couldn’t just try to find another shop. I recall,a security guard telling me that “Modiji jaise be rakhe ga humko, hum unka saath nahi choraenga” when asked about the difficulties of demonetisation showing that the common man is ready to stand by PM Modi in spite of the difficulties.
The Modi Government has indeed done a lot for the country and I am not going to advertise everything they have done except for the fact that there is a sense of positivity within the country and even outside. Being an NRI, I really am considering going back ‘home’, the thought of which would have been absurd to me when Congress was in power. I do not agree with everything the current government does, especially the thousands of crores it spends on statues to woo states. However, this is something that has been ongoing for decades regardless of the government and I am sincerely hoping there is a change. Understandably, to stay in power in a country as diverse as India, people from all parts need to feel equally appreciated and remembered which is why these things are done. However, pointless the statues are, as long as the Modi Government remains in power over the coming years I will support it because it’s a small sacrifice for major gains and sadly you can’t win every battle when you have to win the war.
Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t just sit around listening to lies being said on national TV by the so-called politicians and just needed to bring out my opinion even though it probably won’t change a thing.