Offprint is a place where magazines, readers, and writers can tell their stories in the language that means something to them.

About hero

There’s a lack of substantial digital content in Indian languages. And who best to create this content than the magazines, writers, and readers who live it everyday?

That’s why we started Offprint, an open and free platform where anyone can read and write stories in their language. Right now, we’re available in English, Hindi, and Tamil. Over time, we will add all major Indian languages.

Our unique editor makes writing, and getting read, easy. Pick a language, and start writing. Once you’re done, all you have to do is click “Publish,” and your work is out there in less than a second.

Discussion on Offprint is built for multiple perspectives. Readers can share their feedback through comments so writers and magazines are always in touch with their audience.

For Magazines

Indian language print magazines are having a tough time. We’re here to help you create your online presence.

Find new audiences

When you’re in print, you’re restricted to your physical location. On Offprint, your magazine’s articles can reach the millions of Indians around the world who want to read in their language.

Reader engagement

Readers will be able to comment and like your articles, and share with their friends so your articles can create meaningful discussion. On your profile, we provide analytics so you always know what your audience is thinking.

Full Control

Readers will see your logo, description, and theme color on your profile and articles so they will always know the content belongs to you. Unlike other platforms, we don’t force you to publish your entire issue. You can decide which of your articles you want to publish from your print edition.

Beautifully presented content

Our platform offers content in a design that optimizes the reading experience. All you have to do is copy-paste your material, including text, pictures and captions, in our “Tell Your Story page” and it will automatically get published in our format. Say goodbye to clunky PDFs.

If you’re interested in joining Offprint as a magazine and are wondering about monetary benefits or want us to manage your profile, please do contact us via


The people behind Offprint.

Zahen Khan


Siddharth Arun

Design / Dev Lead


Hindi Lead

Meenakshi Krishnamurthi

Tamil Lead

Jin Kim

English Editor